Portfolio: Oak circle, Specimen trees, Shelterbelt & conservation planting

Design and planting in the Cotswolds. The picture of the oak circle was taken soon after planting early autumn 12. My client felt she wanted a very special woodland feature to celebrate a significant birthday.  We created a magical space in which she could walk to and feel at rest.   All the trees bought and the ground prepared she and her friends walked to the circle and planted the trees with Hugh’s guidance.   Later the area was fenced against deer and will have a wild flower meadow planted within untill it is shaded out. The addition of a rough hewn stone column in the middle & a rose bush will make a very appealing focal point.  Following this work Hugh has designed and planted with friends a surrounding woodland. Additionally a conservation shelter belt using native trees that will support wildlife as well as offering the property shelter form the winds. Later, in the garden we needed to remove two large Eucalyptus trees that had become overpowering and replace them with some large specimens an Acer campestre & a Prunus amanagowna. Both need considerable preparation and aftercare.

There has been a considerable amount of tree planting which is on going during the winter seasons. Pictures show planting & use of tree guards matts are also used but photo’s were taken before they were placed. All this effort is there to give the trees the best possible chance of a quick establishment and growth.