Portfolio: Hill Farm Garden

I started this project, Near Bath, Somerset. Following the complete refurbishment of the house. The garden was only areas of lawn or rough pasture with some struggling young hedges & a few trees & very little else. To see gallery click on title.  I am working on a full garden design working in stages and prioritising them, with the clients, he has designed & gardened the parterre and the area round the house.  This has included an overall design, three detailed designs & other projects, creating over the past 2 years, a parterre, cottage garden planting, an intimate rockery feature with steps next to the house, more hard landscaping, a semi circular yew seating area supported by four flowering trees & other plantings, borders and a wild flower meadow, with shrubbery, shelter belt and conservation area planting. Now in the second year the borders are becoming more abundant and a significant increase in bees and birds. Other projects are underway. the clients are very happy with the results.