Garden Mentoring

Are you are unsure of what to do in your garden ?

Would you like some hands on guidance showing you how and what to do ?

Kate can help you decide what to do in your garden and when, as well as give you the confidence to grow vegetables, create flowery borders, prune shrubs and help you make good compost.

Kate can:

  • help you achieve a specific task.
help you manage your garden in a sustainable way
  • work with you through the seasons so you can confidently carry on
  • help you create healthy soil
  • help you choose the right plants for the right place – including shopping for plants
 & guide you in choosing them
  • using and maintaining your tools – including shopping for tools
  • help you gain the confidence to prune for flower, shape and plant health
  • assist you in planning a veggie garden
  • share with you maintenance techniques so you can enjoy managing your garden
  • bring out your creativity

Kate will:

  • talk through what you want
  • agree with you a session date or series of dates
  • be clear from the start about fees
  • be clear from the start about what she can help you achieve

Sessional work 2hours £50.00 with 2 short follow up emails.
Garden Day £150.00 just for you
Garden Day negotiable – for you and some friends