Garden Design

The design Process

  1. Honest realistic advice to help you make an informed decision.
  2. To get to know your land & what you want from it, via, garden surveys, client survey Interviews & following meetings.  ( If it is a large site or have difficult levels a full topographical survey may be required from an outside agency)
  3. To develop designs & plans, consider practicalities, options, time scale & budget.
  4.  Is it an on going  project ?   Do we need to develop in stages ?
  5. Create finalised plans & specifications that contractors will be able to work from.
  6. Alternatively I can do design and manage your garden. If you are local to me & depending on availability.  This will bring out the best of what you have using my skills in horticulture gained over 10 years as a head gardener.

What you receive

  1. Your initial consultation is free, our ongoing rates are very reasonable.
  2. Knowledgeable & honest guidance for your project,  covering all aspects of gardening & landscape, taking into account styles and  history.
  3. To effect the developments that will improve your quality of life.  As agreed through plans.
  4. Enabling you to know more about gardening, how to maintain what you are developing through general discussion and specialised training sessions.