Garden Craft

The garden craft service brings all our skills to your garden.  It is more of a long term commitment to develop your garden to it’s full potential from maintenance & assessment to restoration, development, garden design, costings & projects all in one package.   It is like having your own head gardener who will bring you all those benefits.

You might expect to have a beautiful garden in the summer however additionally all the other seasons will be made the most of too, so you might wish to enjoy a winter garden, spring bulbs, seasonal pots and of course autumn’s colour.   All this can be worked in with you particular wants and likes including making your garden more beneficial to wildlife.

You may well have more land beyond the garden that you need help managing for example; grass, hedges, fences, water courses & trees.   Therefore you might like a responsible person to act as your agent to over see it.  Liaising with local farmers, local authorities and other agencies.  Some areas you may want more trees or perhaps a landform and to gradually make these meadow areas part of the garden experience.

Perhaps you are away some of the time and you need a trustworthy reliable person to look after your interests so when you return not only does your garden look great for you and your friends to enjoy but also other things going on at your home have been overseen, & you have had regular updates.

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